Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time Fly's

Wow where have the last few weeks gone?

I have been SO enjoying myself with a lot less to do when I get home from work everyday - I have even read three books - that is just unheard of!
The scrap room looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

 It is so nice to finally have a bigger bed room although this is just a stop over for us as our existing kitchen will eventually become our bedroom!
Next week we have the builder coming to put a wardrobe in this room (which will become Abby's at some stage) and then hopefully in about 3 weeks we start on the windows - YAY.
And who would have thought that paying a $5K bill would be exciting - but paying for the new bathroom bits and bobs was very exciting - it finally feels like we will get a lovely new bathroom before Christmas and all going well - a lovely new Kitchen too!  Lots to do in 3 months!
Although getting a teenage son to choose a new duvet cover, curtains, wallpaper, paint and lights is NO easy task.  Today I finally got him to choose the light for his room, and we got a bargain (very NOT like us) it was at Patemans down from $269.00 to just $69.00!

Righto so the crop saw me totally enjoying myself - it was SOOOOOOO good to sit and pretend to do lol - i got one card made and I forgot to take a photo before I gave it away duh but thanks Tania because I really enjoyed it, and once our renovations are done - I will be scrappin to catch up on the last 4 years of not doing very much at all!
Talking of cropping - did you all see that Tania has opened registration for Raincliff Camp 2011 - I am so looking forward to this crop it will be held the first weekend to April - so can you imagine the April fools jokes that will go on - as if some of the ladies need an excuse lol!
But last weekend Jo F came over and we had a mission to make some baby cards as I needed 3 right now and still a couple more babies to be born over the next fortnight!  So I made 3 of the same here is a photo:

Today we have been cleaning out the garage and getting the boat ready to sell - it's all go here I tell you!
 And we had a "char grilled" BBQ for tea - summer sure feels like it is here today.

I also will give you all a laugh.  I got a second hand laptop and it arrived on the courier on Friday so i decided to load up the KNK on it - but to do that I needed sound to watch the video on how to do it - seems like forever since i did it last.
I spent about 1 hour looking for the installation disk, then another 3.5 hours trying to get sound, I finally gave up and went to bed.  This morning Nigel's brother Kyle rang to try and talk me through a few things and after about 5 mins he asked it it had a little wheel on the side of the computer - and low and behold it did and it controlled the sound - DUH so after all of that if I had "turned" the sound up the old fashioned way I would have saved about 4 hours of work- and I thought I was computer literate!

Well long story from me lol, now I am off to load the KNK on the laptop - that is if I can get it off one teenage daughter!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!