Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is the team - there was 21 of us that did the 10 km walk, not sure how much we raised for out efforts as yet but it was a lot of fun, and personally I raised over $100.00 so lets hope the others did also!
Daisy enjoyed the walk and really behaved herself, didn't even need the Popper Scooper!
Abby and I made it into the local newspaper 3 times - and believe me I tried to AVOID the paper camera man - apparently NOT!
But everyone was really great and we made a lot of people smile on the way down and amused ourselves
with - "its a cow of a job" and we are "MOO vin her all the way" and singing songs like "moov in on up" etc etc.  So all and all a great day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Any one able to help me?

Tomorrow Abby, myself and eighteen of my work mates are walking the Hadlow to Harbour (10 km).

We are pushing a full size fibreglass cow in BRIGHT orange t-shirts and are raising funds for the Christchurch earthquake which we will donate to the Red Cross.

The thing is that we only decided to do it early this week and I have not had a chance to ask any one to sponsor us - so if there is any of our scrap friends that could kindly sponsor us for such a good cause I would LOVE to hear from you.

Will be back with photos after the event tomorrow - pray for NO rain!

Thanks so much

Rachel & Abby

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Another weekend over!

This weekend has been a very quiet one for me.  I got a cold on Tuesday and struggled through the week - with starting a new job and having no sick days I thought as long as I make it to the weekend I can blob out and that's just what I did!
Unfortunately I missed Chrissy's 40th birthday party - just didn't have the energy and I am sure her party goers didn't want it either  - Happy Birthday Chrissy!  I had already made her a card and for her present sent her off for an hours massage.
But I did make a card and a chocolate wheelbarrow for my boss who's birthday was today.  I have decided to enter this in the Just Magnolia challenge - anything goes and add glitter and the ABC challenge which is P is for Pink!
Here is a couple of pictures:

I also read a book (stole that off my teenage daughter) lol now there is going to be a fight over the sequel who gets to read it first lol!

I rang my brother in Christchurch on Saturday night as we felt a reasonable aftershock here - my instant thought is to ring and check that they are OK.  My niece answered the phone and told me she was under a door frame, her mum was under the table - good skills guys!  So when I asked where her dad was she said "oh he just stayed at the table eating his tea"!
Are you serious - when  I talked to him he told me he could tell by the way it rolled in so he didn't bother getting up - so not like me I would have been in the car leaving the city WAY before now!

Anyway that's it from me - really didn't do much at all and now hopefully tomorrow i will wake up cold free ready to head into a new week!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week everyone!