Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Has it really been over two months since I last posted?
Well I can understand where the time has gone as we have been very busy with renovations.  We have done two kids rooms, created a new bathroom, new kitchen, extended the old kitchen to make into eventually our new bedroom, put all new windows in the house, re wired the entire house etc etc - boy have we been busy!
We not only have been pulling down walls and lifting floors, painting and putting up gib I have also got a new job and am now working full time!
So it has been a little hectic around here and to our friends I promise we will be back to normal soon and have a BIG catch up with you all!
Lots of people have asked me if I have been missing the scrapbooking business but honestly I have had NO time too.

Here are a couple of photos to show you what we have been doing:

 This is the old kitchen showing and on the right was the old bathroom, below is it cleaned out
Then along comes our amazing friend, kitchen designer and joiner - Sean (with some help from us - but those that know me know I HATE jigsaw puzzels and putting the joinery together was like a BIG jigsaw puzzle so in the end Sean showed Abby and I worked under her command - she LOVED it!) and turns it into this:

So funny thing was on Chrismas day Nigel was hoping for a nice cooked christmas meal (it was the first full day the kitchen was functional by the way) but who wants to get it dirty??? so we BBQ 'd LOL LOTS wonder how long I can get away with that for?

So now I can start to get some stuff back from my mothers house and the first in the car was my scrapbooking and card making stuff - shame it is raining today and we can't paint!
So I have the trestle table up and am just waiting for Abby to wake up so I can go and get the laptop so i can load the KNK back up.
The slider in the front will eventually go as we are planning and have permited to build out that way - one day lol.

Very hard to get a picture of the bathroom but here is what I can get:

This used to be our bedroom!  There is a mirror on order but didn't arrive before christmas so will be like christmas again when it arrives!

I will try to get pictures of the kids rooms when they wake up!
And who knows might even have a card to show you!

And soon it will be 2011 - where is the time going - oh yeah pulling stuff apart and working!

Anyway catch up with you all soon!