Sunday, May 27, 2012

Secret Cake Business

Yesterday my Mum and Dad celebrated 50 wonderful years married.
They were not going to do anything to celebrate so I decided that at least we should get my brothers down from Christchurch and go out for a meal.  last Thursday mum rang and said her and dad had been thinking about it and since it was really a bit of a milestone she wondered if she should ring the "boys" and see if they would come down - so much for my surprise!
But I have been making them a card for a little while and so here is my effort:

So when you lift the lid off this is what is on the inside, I just LOVE the Mo Manning image of the "old couple" on the bench.  I have decided to enter this into the challenge this week as the theme is "travel" and they sure have travelled the last 50 years together!
My present for mum and dad was cake, made just like the one I had made in the card, right down to the pearls on the bottom.  I have to say a BIG thank you to Faye from Homestead Motel & Lodge (if you are in Timaru and need a great place to stay - here is the best)  Faye is the president of our local cake guild and showed me how to make the Mo Manning image in icing - not to mention advice on everything else as well - so from the bottom of my heart Faye - Thank you!
Here is my cake:

Mum & Dad today cutting the cake :-)

Last night our family went out for a lovely meal at the Steam on Inn at Pleasant Point - it was DELICIOUS beautiful meal and not to expensive, lovely open fire roaring and some Glen Campbell playing in the background - perfect for our occasion.

Today I had organised a "Surprise" afternoon tea for them at their place which I told them about last night, it was organised in a rush as I had been really busy the last couple of weeks making cakes, but we had about 30 for afternoon tea so this morning we made 4 dozen cupcakes, we had chocolate mint, chocolate caramel, carrot and cream cheese and boysenberry.  Abby helped me decorate and this is what we ended up with:

The photos don't show it that well but there was lovely little gold hearts sprinkled on the carrot cupcakes, the boysenberry had gold flowers and the caramel has the gold "50" we decided to do the bride and groom ones and in the middle is mum and dad's initials and the "50" years - 50 wonderful years is such an achievement but of course the best achievement was ME! ROFL.
My mum and dad mean the world to me, they love us all unconditionally and have ALWAYS been there when I have needed them and I am truley blesssed to have them as my parents - LOVE you mum and dad!

Thanks so much for popping in, have a great week!



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing Cake

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks playing with trying to make a mountain bike cake.  WHAT a mission, the mountain bike I spent five nights putting together and in the end it broke and just had me beat!  So yesterday I made a make shift bike and ended up having to glue it to the side of the cake.
I made a three teared cake the bottom layer was chocolate with chocolate butter cream in layers, then carrot with cream cheese icing in layers and top was chocolate with gnache again in layers.
The cake ended up looking ok even though the day in the kitchen was a complete DISASTER!
My carrot cake broke in half (because i was impatient!) , the bike broke I honestly thought it was going to beat me, but in the end it looked ok!
Here is the picture of the man i was trying to copy:
 And here he is on his cake - not the best picture:

And here is the cake in full:

I have just had a txt to say it survived the car trip and i was most impressed, that it was still standing this morning lol.

Now I am off to do secret cake business again it will be a full on week and i will be able to share the card that I have made and hopefully the cake that will match the card!
Have a great week everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping on bye!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

To all you Mothers out there I hope you had a nice relaxing day doing what you best like to do!

I have spent the day catching up on the groceries and then playing in my "room".
But last night I made this card for my mum:

I just love this fairy from Mo's Digital images - she is just so "real"  Mum loved her card and I brought her 4 cushion's that she had seen at Smith City - lucky for me they were on special as at $40.00 each she would not have got the four that I managed to buy - now I am the favourite daughter - LOL I am the only daughter!
Abby made me a gorgeous card and a cd with my favourite music on it with a poem recorded in her voice with background music at the beginning of the cd, Jamie came home at tea time from work with a box of my favourite chocolates and they both gave me some cool new "icing toys" to play with also.
So to say I was spoilt is an understatement - lucky me :-)
I have been playing all afternoon and made a cyclist which is still drying but since this is my first "real" figure that I have made I am really happy - I will share with you later.  I also iced a two tier Christmas cake which I can't show you for a couple of weeks as it is a "surprise cake" for my family.
So that's all from me for now - happy mothers day and thanks so much for stopping on bye!