Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Christmas Cake for the year

This is the discarded shoe box cake!
This didn't photograph very well as i only had tin foil to line the board with and it reflects.

But Felicity was very happy with her cake :-)

Abby passed her green belt in Karate only 3 more to go and she will be a black belt - here is our little Ninja posing for me!  She still has to do what her mother says though lol.  Well done Abby!  Now i have to scrap these and the ball photos - one day lol.
Today I made a red velvet cake - has anyone out there made one of these?  I googled the recipe and made it as I have a 21st cake to make in three weeks and they wanted red velvet - I think a good chocolate cake tastes WAY better (actually i shouldn't say that because i have not tried it yet but it is more of a sponge sort of a cake and I don't particularly like the icing - licked my fingers i have lol)
I also made some gluten free chocolate cup cakes for them to try too.  The birthday girl is calling in today to have a taste test - gosh i hope i pass!

here is the the practice cake:

So if you are calling past today - pop in and try some red velvet I might even make you a cuppa to go with it!

And here was some cupcakes and cake pops Abby and I made for Halloween, the brains had mixed berry sauce in so when you bit into the cake - :blood: ozzed out lol.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and thanks so much for popping in.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wedding Cake

Well by now Mr & Mrs Smith will probably be married - congratulations!

I have spent the last 5 weeks making this cake.  To say it was stressful was an understatement!
I don't think that I am yet wedding material with cakes and although the bride was fantastic to work and very easy ozey - and happy with her cake, I think maybe I will stick with Birthday cakes for now.
I made 4 practice shoes here is the shoe that I was trying to copy:
I am not sure that the bride ended up wearing this shoe in the end but we had to start somewhere!
The couple own a shoe shop so the cake was fitting to them.
I did EVERYTHING at least twice and that included baking the cake which had 3 Christmas cake recipes in it, it took 3 packets of Almond icing and two of white icing just to cover it. Then another packet of icing for the stripes.  The first cake didn't have nice square corners when i covered it so I re made it.  The cast off cake is being decorated as we speak for a Christmas cake!
I learnt so much doing this cake and if I did it again there are many things I would do different - I was not happy with the "lid" of the cake should have done this as one piece to get it tidier but I didn't have time to bake and re cover a third cake!
So anyway here is the cake:

With it being cold today I have started to make the "bits" for the discarded "shoe box" cake and hopefully I will have that one finished this weekend and then I have to start a 21st cake for a client - this one is a Vet technician so should be fun!

Catch you all later, thanks so much for stopping in :-)

Have a great weekend.


Friday, November 02, 2012


Hi there

Gosh doesn't time fly!  Actually I have been deciding if i actually want to continue with a blog my focus has shifted and I wonder if there is any point in posting - only time will tell i guess!
I made a couple of cards for Jo at Embellish It to showcase some of her new papers, here is what I came up with:

Abby and I made some cupcakes and cake pops for halloween - just because i could - because I don't beleive in Halloween and wouldn't let my kids go trick or treating!
But they were fun to make - the "brains" had "blood" ( mixed berry sauce) in them when you bit into them!
Abby and Oliva decided to dress up for Mufty day at school, Abby brought a $9 wedding dress from save mart pulled off the sleeve and cut the dress up and this is what she turned it into - the courpse's bride:
They had a blast - can't you tell they are drama students!
Jamie had his first school ball and like proud parents we spent "HOURS" waiting and watching all the students arrive in there vehicles, there was fire trucks, limos to wheelbarrows! Stacey and Jamie looked stunning.

I have spent the last 5 weeks making my first wedding cake (and probably last!)  Tomorrow the bride and groom will be married and I can show you what i have been up to :-)

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks so much if you stopped bye :-)