Friday, November 02, 2012


Hi there

Gosh doesn't time fly!  Actually I have been deciding if i actually want to continue with a blog my focus has shifted and I wonder if there is any point in posting - only time will tell i guess!
I made a couple of cards for Jo at Embellish It to showcase some of her new papers, here is what I came up with:

Abby and I made some cupcakes and cake pops for halloween - just because i could - because I don't beleive in Halloween and wouldn't let my kids go trick or treating!
But they were fun to make - the "brains" had "blood" ( mixed berry sauce) in them when you bit into them!
Abby and Oliva decided to dress up for Mufty day at school, Abby brought a $9 wedding dress from save mart pulled off the sleeve and cut the dress up and this is what she turned it into - the courpse's bride:
They had a blast - can't you tell they are drama students!
Jamie had his first school ball and like proud parents we spent "HOURS" waiting and watching all the students arrive in there vehicles, there was fire trucks, limos to wheelbarrows! Stacey and Jamie looked stunning.

I have spent the last 5 weeks making my first wedding cake (and probably last!)  Tomorrow the bride and groom will be married and I can show you what i have been up to :-)

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks so much if you stopped bye :-)


Today for Tomorrow said...

So pleased to see your post. I hav missed them. But I know what u mean about posting. Have been thinking about mine too. Takes quite a lot time. Especially if it doesn't appear that anyone is visiting. Your cards for Embellish It are lovely.
Abby sure looks the part for mufti day. And WOW Jamie and Stacy look stunning. Wonderful photos (to scrap) Stacy's dress is gorgeous. Love the colour. Looking fwd 2 seeing the wedding cake.

mandyb said...

yes i have missed your blog posts too!!!! dont stop....even if you just show us all your cakes, cupcakes and cards...we love seeing how clever you are!!!

love the cool!!
and love the pics on the tramp!!! hahahaha

oh and PS a wedding are game!!!