Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wedding Cake

Well by now Mr & Mrs Smith will probably be married - congratulations!

I have spent the last 5 weeks making this cake.  To say it was stressful was an understatement!
I don't think that I am yet wedding material with cakes and although the bride was fantastic to work and very easy ozey - and happy with her cake, I think maybe I will stick with Birthday cakes for now.
I made 4 practice shoes here is the shoe that I was trying to copy:
I am not sure that the bride ended up wearing this shoe in the end but we had to start somewhere!
The couple own a shoe shop so the cake was fitting to them.
I did EVERYTHING at least twice and that included baking the cake which had 3 Christmas cake recipes in it, it took 3 packets of Almond icing and two of white icing just to cover it. Then another packet of icing for the stripes.  The first cake didn't have nice square corners when i covered it so I re made it.  The cast off cake is being decorated as we speak for a Christmas cake!
I learnt so much doing this cake and if I did it again there are many things I would do different - I was not happy with the "lid" of the cake should have done this as one piece to get it tidier but I didn't have time to bake and re cover a third cake!
So anyway here is the cake:

With it being cold today I have started to make the "bits" for the discarded "shoe box" cake and hopefully I will have that one finished this weekend and then I have to start a 21st cake for a client - this one is a Vet technician so should be fun!

Catch you all later, thanks so much for stopping in :-)

Have a great weekend.



Today for Tomorrow said...

Rachel WOW your wedding cake is stunning. What a novel idea and perfect for the occasion. The shoe is amazing. You are so clever. Looking fwd to seeing what you some up with next.

Joanne F said...

Hi Rach
The cake is amazing, I knew it would be!!! Great job!!! Don't give up on wedding cakes too soon, they won't all be like that.
Love the photos of Jamie expecially the one with the bike, so cute!!!
Catch ya

mandyb said...

oh my goodness!!!
you are so so clever!!