Wednesday, April 27, 2011


lol what do I call this post?  No idea so i will just show you what I have been up to!

I have made this card to enter into the Southern girls challenge:

The challenge is blue and green.  Now when i coloured in the image I was not so sure about it - but once i put the papers and flowers on I was really pleased with how it turned out!
It is a lift of Jo's card - but it was still fun to do.
Now unfortunately I had to use the sympathy card that I had previously made as one of my friends lost her dad to his cancer battle last week.  It is so sad and K has been so brave - I would be a MESS!
On the up side we got to catch up with lots of old friends at the funeral.  Why is it we leave catching up for weddings and funerals?  Note to self - FIX THAT!
So here is the new one that I made - again a card that I have made before just not made into a sympathy card.  Loved how this looked in the end.

Friday night - who else is going to be watching the wedding?  I am not really a royal follower but i did think Dianna was a star and an amazing woman, and I think Kate will be the same.
So some of our friends are going to have our take on a high tea - using the royal Dalton tea set (not that there will be tea served in it!) the cucumber sammies, scones and cream, cupcakes etc and make a night of it - yes JO dressing up is compulsory so find those pears and that hat!
Should be a blast and a good way to view the wedding with a good wine -oops i mean "tea", food and good friends - BRING it on!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter :-)

Hope that you all had a wonderful relaxing long weekend and that the Easter bunny was kind to you!

We have had a wonderful relaxing weekend with lots of nothing planned!  I have managed to have a catch up with relatives and also friends.
I even managed to make some cards (will show you once I get photos done)
Here are a couple of things that I did last week or so:

This is the other side to the layout that I did the other week, good to have that one finished only many more thousand photos to go lol.

This is a card that I started at Raincliff and finished at home, made to order for mum!  It took ages to roll those bits of paper by the way as because they were small they needed to be tight, but it was worth it.
These I made for the girls on card making night.  They have chocolate gnache on the top and a piece of caramello or peppermint chocolate in the middle of the cupcake.  The peppermint was YUM it gives the whole cupcake a hint of peppermint with just one piece of chocolate in the middle - will definitely be doing that again - oh and the Cinnamon oysters off to the side they went down pretty fast too.
The funny thing is that we don't get together very often and have this joke that once we have met - we deserve to have a chirstmas meal out!   So Jenny if you are reading this - you will need to make sure your free for the christmas meal!
Abby's school had a dress up day - they had to go as someone from around the world.  She made the hat herself - borrowed her brothers white school shirt, my dress pants, her dads jacket, and grandads bow tie and glass from a old pair of glasses, and took my grandads walking stick.  I thought she looked awesome.  She enjoyed her day and got lots of looks - not many of the kids did the dress up thing they just wore mufti.  But she didn't let that deter her and still enjoyed the fun dressing up brought.

Well thats about it from me - back in a day or so with the cards from this weekend.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally a giveaway

Well I have had a busy crafting week.  Tuesday was our scrappin girls, Friday was our card making girls and today Evelyn and I made a layout together!

I grabbed some stuff from my stash, I think there is about 12 papers, scrappers floss, a Whiff of Joy Stamp, Kaiser Flowers, Heart tags, some material, a chipboard album, a paper piercing and a Santa Die cut thingy.
I will also add a surprise as this is just a scratch on what I have to get rid of.
So just leave me a comment and I will do random org to pick a winner!

Here is the layout that Evelyn and I did today, this is the ONLY photo that my mum (and Evelyn's mum) have of all the girls in her family - four years later her mum (my Nana) and one of their sisters had died.  Nana was only 38 - that's nearly two years younger than I am now - Hard to comprehend!
 Here is a close up of the chipboard - I covered it with dimensional magic and then painted over it with clear crackle paint, then used distress ink's to bring out the cracks:
I am really happy with the layout as it is my first Heritage attempt - even though I had some help with papers and ideas from Diane and Evelyn lay ed out the bits and pieces.  I distressed, typed and added to the bits - a real good duel effort!
I also made (copied and I am sorry I am not sure from who) a sympathy card - something that I don't have in my stash of cards and to be honest I hope I don't have to use!

Well that's about it from me - hope you are all safe - especially in Christchurch tonight as we felt the aftershock down here tonight.  Here is a picture to make you smile (well it did for me) my fat cat Basil helping himself to Jamie's computer! 
Have a safe weekend everyone:
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rugby Weekend!

This weekend has just flown and I have had no time for anything else just rugby - oh and house cleaning but not sure why as you can't even see where I have been now although we can now see out of the windows!
Jamie is playing for the Timaru Boys High School Colts rugby team and they played on Saturday afternoon - they had a great game winning against Geraldine 27 to Nil.  Jamie had some really good runs and even got a try not a bad effort for a lock lol.
Then we went to the Crusaders vrs the Blues game held in little ole Timaru - what an awesome night!  It was so good to see such a big crowd but remind me next time to get in earlier and get seats.
Then today my brother Andrew from Christchurch brought his under 12 team down to play the Harlequins today(after taking 20 boys to the Crusaders game).  So we all went down to watch Conor play and he did a good job as captain of the team (Andrew was the coach) Nana and grandad came too so it really was a family day out.  Conor lead his team to victory playing an excellent game himself and getting a few tries again he was prop so it is good to see the forwards having a great game.
Conor and his Parklands team totally whipped the harlequins with a win of about 57 to 8! 
It was a shame it wasn't a little closer but the Harlequins did a excellent job and did not loose hope at all. In fact if they played the game for longer I think they might have made a comeback.
I have a lot of admiration for my brother - he has spent a lot of time with the team and they are a well drilled team.  I especially puffed out my chest when one of the Harlequin boys got a massive run down the sideline then got taken out quite hard - Andrew picked him up brushed him off, made sure he was ok and then told him how awesome his run was and that he did a great job!  The boy couldn't wipe the smile off his face and then took out one of Andrews players with a good tackle. lol

Righto anyway here is the last of the layouts and cards that I did at Raincliff:
This is going to be a double page layout but I need to re-size my photos to 2- ups for the other side, there are lots of them and as we were at Fox Peak to say goodbye to Mum and Dad's hut (which didn't end up getting sold so we get to go and do it all again) we really went crazy with the photos.  The kids made a big forte and had a massive snow fight which of course all the big kids joined in lol Nigel, Andrew and I joined the younger kids as they were being ganged up on by the bigger kids - so really we just evened the playing field lol LOTS, and grandad took lots of photos all the while dodging the mis fired snowballs!
It is times like this that make such good family memories - we grew up on the Ski field back in those days the school holidays were kind to us and we spent 3 weeks of the winter holidays up skiing and staying in Mum and Dad's Hut (which is right on the ski field) we used to ski all day then make huts and snowmen at night.  We also used to walk down to the bottom hut (half an hour walk down the mountain) and join in with the Ski weeks kids for games and lots of laughs and then walk back with torches there used to be about 20 of us kids walking down, and then some nights we used to crank up the tows and have moonlight skiing.  Such neat clean fun - those are the things I want our kids to have and remember!

This photo is not the best it was taken late at night - but this is another card i made using a free digital image.

Now I will clean up the tea mess and finish the .5 of the 3.5 cards that I did at Raincliff!
I have scrapping at Diane's on Tuesday so hope to get the photos re sized and finish the Fox Peak page.
Then this Friday our card making group (that started about 10 years ago) will met to have a session so hopefully I will get something done other than yakking and catching up. 
We used to met once a month and now it is more like once or twice a year - we figure that's enough to warrant out Christmas Break up meal out LOL lots!
I will be back mid week with my giveaway :-)
Have a great week everyone thanks for dropping in!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Time fly's

Gosh aren't the weeks just flying by?  This time last week I was trying to get my "stuff " together to take away and now it is already one week down!
I have to say that I am looking forward to the weekend - a much needed sleep in is defiantly on the cards!

Anyway here is another layout that I did at camp it is of us "scrap girls" our Tuesday night girls and the ladies at last years camp.

Missing from this photo is our dear friend Margaret on Sunday just gone it has been two years since Marg passed away - we miss you girl but I can still hear her on my shoulder every now and then helping out with layouts and offering her friendly advice on life in general when asked.
She was a good friend/wife/mother/scrapper and is sadly missed but will forever be in our hearts.

Also here is another card:
I wasn't so sure about this one - it's missing something buy Lyn H liked it and it is her birthday next month so i think I will surprise her and send it down lol!
Righto that's it from me today - off to work!

Have a great day :-)


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My first Raincliff

What a fun fantastic weekend - seriously from my first camp sitting on the other side being a participant instead of the organiser - why didn't you girls tell me how much fun it was?

I managed to stay up until 2 pm on Friday (although it was after 3 before we stopped talking and close to 4 before i got to sleep) and we were up again at 7.30 am. On Friday I managed to get two layouts done and for the rest of the weekend managed another layout and 3.5 cards lol.
Tania from Embellish It had a challenge making a layout in 1.5 hours which i didn't do because Jo hid the layout (that she had printed) so i couldn't copy lol so you know me no copy NO layout!  Although I did manage a layout all of my own NO copies and I was pretty pleased with myself - didn't know I could!
Here it is:
This was done with Prima's Fairy Flora papers, prima rose buds, prima bling, Prima Flowers, Prima Leaves and alpha the only thing not prima is the photos lol!
And here is one of the cards:

This is one of the New Magnolia stamps and I just love her!  I used magnolia papers, flowers are from Embellish It, added a butterfly charm and used Martha Stewart butterfly punch (also from Embellish It).
I will come back and show you some more but for now i need to get my butt through the shower and off to work!
Thanks for stopping by - oh an later in the week I am going to put some candy on my blog - need to have a massive clean out of my scrappin stuff!

Until then - have a great week!