Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter :-)

Hope that you all had a wonderful relaxing long weekend and that the Easter bunny was kind to you!

We have had a wonderful relaxing weekend with lots of nothing planned!  I have managed to have a catch up with relatives and also friends.
I even managed to make some cards (will show you once I get photos done)
Here are a couple of things that I did last week or so:

This is the other side to the layout that I did the other week, good to have that one finished only many more thousand photos to go lol.

This is a card that I started at Raincliff and finished at home, made to order for mum!  It took ages to roll those bits of paper by the way as because they were small they needed to be tight, but it was worth it.
These I made for the girls on card making night.  They have chocolate gnache on the top and a piece of caramello or peppermint chocolate in the middle of the cupcake.  The peppermint was YUM it gives the whole cupcake a hint of peppermint with just one piece of chocolate in the middle - will definitely be doing that again - oh and the Cinnamon oysters off to the side they went down pretty fast too.
The funny thing is that we don't get together very often and have this joke that once we have met - we deserve to have a chirstmas meal out!   So Jenny if you are reading this - you will need to make sure your free for the christmas meal!
Abby's school had a dress up day - they had to go as someone from around the world.  She made the hat herself - borrowed her brothers white school shirt, my dress pants, her dads jacket, and grandads bow tie and glass from a old pair of glasses, and took my grandads walking stick.  I thought she looked awesome.  She enjoyed her day and got lots of looks - not many of the kids did the dress up thing they just wore mufti.  But she didn't let that deter her and still enjoyed the fun dressing up brought.

Well thats about it from me - back in a day or so with the cards from this weekend.

Thanks for visiting.


Joanne said...

Hi ya
Awesome Rach!!!!! love the snowflakes on your layout :)
Abby did really well with her outfit, I hate dressups with a passion!!!!
Card was very cute, don't know how your Mum managed to part with it :)
I can definitely vouch the cupcakes and cinamon oysters tasted as good as they look mmmmm

topkatnz said...

OMG those cupcakes look and sound to die for.....................

mandyb said...

yeah im with heidi...YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM
count me in for coming next time!!!

Trace said...

LOL sounds like a few of us need to head south for a catch up...will there be cupcakes??? rofl. Fab card and layout and great to hear that you had a totally relaxing weekend.

Today for Tomorrow said...

Wow - a big post. Good to see the double lo finished. The card is absolutely gorgeous. Abby's outfit looks stunning - good on her getting into the spirit. I can definitely vouch for the muffins and all Rachel's baking for that matter.