Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My first Raincliff

What a fun fantastic weekend - seriously from my first camp sitting on the other side being a participant instead of the organiser - why didn't you girls tell me how much fun it was?

I managed to stay up until 2 pm on Friday (although it was after 3 before we stopped talking and close to 4 before i got to sleep) and we were up again at 7.30 am. On Friday I managed to get two layouts done and for the rest of the weekend managed another layout and 3.5 cards lol.
Tania from Embellish It had a challenge making a layout in 1.5 hours which i didn't do because Jo hid the layout (that she had printed) so i couldn't copy lol so you know me no copy NO layout!  Although I did manage a layout all of my own NO copies and I was pretty pleased with myself - didn't know I could!
Here it is:
This was done with Prima's Fairy Flora papers, prima rose buds, prima bling, Prima Flowers, Prima Leaves and alpha the only thing not prima is the photos lol!
And here is one of the cards:

This is one of the New Magnolia stamps and I just love her!  I used magnolia papers, flowers are from Embellish It, added a butterfly charm and used Martha Stewart butterfly punch (also from Embellish It).
I will come back and show you some more but for now i need to get my butt through the shower and off to work!
Thanks for stopping by - oh an later in the week I am going to put some candy on my blog - need to have a massive clean out of my scrappin stuff!

Until then - have a great week!



rumble said...

And you use to wonder why we wouldn't let you give Raincliff up
Great to hear you staying up way past your bedtime - see it can be done - lol
Wahoo on all you managed to do can't wait to see them in real life they sure are looking good and an original no less - lol


Embellish It said...

I agree, some of you have way too much stuff! Maybe we should have a cubic metre limit as you walk thru Raincliffs doors!
OR maybe everyone should get together and have a car boot sale?

topkatnz said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. Just love that gorgeous card:)

mandyb said...

so you stayed up till 2pm!!! really!!! or do you mean 2AM??? lol!!!
sounds fun!! and love the look of the page and card!!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Love the layout of Abby and an original well done. Your cards are gorgeous as always. You really do have a lot of stuff lol - thought I did but not a patch on yours. Have a good week.

Joanne said...

Hi ya
Your layout and card looks awesome, 2pm or rather 2am (silly billy) still got a ways to go to beat me and Bo!!!!
You will need to give candy away every day for about a month to make a very small dent in your stash!!!! :)
You can always send stuff my way, cause you know I haven't got nearly as much as you (hehehe)
Catch ya later