Wednesday, April 27, 2011


lol what do I call this post?  No idea so i will just show you what I have been up to!

I have made this card to enter into the Southern girls challenge:

The challenge is blue and green.  Now when i coloured in the image I was not so sure about it - but once i put the papers and flowers on I was really pleased with how it turned out!
It is a lift of Jo's card - but it was still fun to do.
Now unfortunately I had to use the sympathy card that I had previously made as one of my friends lost her dad to his cancer battle last week.  It is so sad and K has been so brave - I would be a MESS!
On the up side we got to catch up with lots of old friends at the funeral.  Why is it we leave catching up for weddings and funerals?  Note to self - FIX THAT!
So here is the new one that I made - again a card that I have made before just not made into a sympathy card.  Loved how this looked in the end.

Friday night - who else is going to be watching the wedding?  I am not really a royal follower but i did think Dianna was a star and an amazing woman, and I think Kate will be the same.
So some of our friends are going to have our take on a high tea - using the royal Dalton tea set (not that there will be tea served in it!) the cucumber sammies, scones and cream, cupcakes etc and make a night of it - yes JO dressing up is compulsory so find those pears and that hat!
Should be a blast and a good way to view the wedding with a good wine -oops i mean "tea", food and good friends - BRING it on!
Thanks for stopping by!



topkatnz said...

ahhhh, your cards make me drool! just gorgeous. Enjoy your wedding celebrations on Friday:)

Trace said...

Fab cards Rach, your sympathy card is truly amazing. LOL any excuse for a royal get together aye.

Today for Tomorrow said...

Both gorgeous cards. Good luck with the challenge. The sympathy card looks amazing.

Joanne said...

Hi Rach, I will try to find some pears, are they still in season???? :)
Cool cards
C U on Friday

mandyb said...

love that symphony card!!! think i do need to come down and have a card making lesson with you!!! now to fundraise the flights!!!! lol!!
as for the wedding....i'll be bed with the cat!!! lol!!
maybe i could put pearls on with my jim jams!!!

Autumn said...

Fantastic job inside and out! Thanks for joining us at SG!