Sunday, May 01, 2011

Wedding Photos!

Well we had a bit of fun on Friday with the Royal Wedding.
Decided to have a "high" tea complete with cucumber sammies, butterfly cakes, Lamingtons, scones and cream, club sammies just name a few lol.
For me the wedding itself was a bit of a let down - I thought Kate was outshone by her sister (man she was stunning and I LOVED her dress!) and I thought maybe the wedding itself might have been a bit more about Wills and Kate and shunned a little bit of the tradition.  But it was still very nice and a good excuse to have a bit of a get together to watch it.
Here we all are:

It was a bit of a giggle!
Yesterday was the Embellish It crop so after a few late nights Bronwyn & Tarsh picked me up and away we went.  This was Bo's first crop since Tania took over Embellish It and so it was nice to see her sit and do :-)
And she made 4 cards - go BO!  I think everyone was very productive and there was lots of lovely layouts done.  I made cards too as it was easy to pack for just that lol.  But I have not taken any photos as yet.

I was a good girl this morning and went for a 8km run - the furtherst I have been for a while so might not be able to walk tomorrow.
Then mum had us for lunch which was SO YUMMY.  After the groceries I went to The Warehouse Stationary and brought my Mothers day pressie (and had a struggle to get it off Abby so I could use it today!).  I brought a Brother p-touch label makerso I could label all my scrappy stuff - really handy but it didn't come with enough tape (ok Jo -STOP IT - I can hear her saying I have WAY to much stuff - which of course is not true - she has WAY more than me lol).
Abby has just made tea for us and then I feel like it will be an early night for me!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.


mandyb said...

cool night out...looks fun!!!
as for kates dress...apparently she HAD to wear sleeves (abbey rules) and the lace (which isnt me) had roses and crests etc on it....a royal thing. I am guessing she had less say in her dress then we all hoped for...cos i too loved her sister..she was stunning...but NOT do-able for sad!!!
the dress she wore later for dinner was much nicer!!!
glad you got to scrap at the crop..and lol about too much stuff..havent we all!!!

cameracrazychick said...

Ah Mandy but you have NO IDEA how much Rachel has!!!!!

Joanne said...

Rachel!!!!!!! You know you have waaaaay more stuff than me, you have cupboards (note the plural) full of stuff, you can't even remember what punches you have :)!!!! So if I can remember what I've got as well as what you got that means you have waaaaaay more than me, cause you can't remember half your stuff. Does that make sense? Oh well I know what I mean :)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Thanks for Friday night - it was fun. You are a natural at the formal photos lol.
Thanks for the lend of ONE of your MANY lovely punches yesterday - so glad you had it as it looks awesome on the card you made as well. C U Tues.

Bridgette said...

pleased you had great night. Bronwyn did great work at the crop and Mothers day is not until this sunday