Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekends go so fast

Sunday night already, I feel a bit ripped off as last weekend was meant to be a nice long weekend, unfortunately I got sick on the Wednesday night and was off work for the rest of the week and really didn't come right until the following Thursday so I spent the long weekend in bed.  This weekend has just rocketed past and although it was a busy weekend I just don't know where the time goes and I feel i need a "real" long weekend to get everything achieved!

I have been baking again today to fill the tins for the kids this time we made fudge, Afghans (Nigel makes these) Kisses and chocolate peppermint cupcakes (the kids fav could you tell?).
I was meant to make some shortbread so I might do that tomorrow after basketball as two lovely kind ladies stopped and helped Abby on Friday when she took a tumble over her handlebars of her bike.  They rang me to come and get her,.picked her and her bike up and looked after her until my mum and dad got there (they were the closest) so I want to bake and drop off a thank you card to them - good to see there are still some caring people out there.
Anyway on to the cards that I made over the last couple of weeks:

All of these images are from the amazing artist Krista from Saturated Canary, she is super talented and the last card you see above was an amazing fee image that she kindly gave to all her followers.  She is SO cute and I just love colouring her in.
Abby also made a card which is VERY rear in our house hold usually she is at Karate, playing some sport or at her computer but Krista organised a "kids card swap" using her images and she paired the kids up, Abby is writing and sending her card to a girl in Sweden.  For someone that does not create all that often I though she did a good job, here is her card coloured in with distress inks:
And just for Mandy B here is a cute image I know you will enjoy:
AWWW he is so cute!  Snuggled up on the pillow if you please cuddling all his toys - and no we didn't put them there to take the photo he truly snuggled up with them!

Have a great week everyone and thanks so much for stopping bye :-)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Title?

LOL every time I sit down to do an update I try to think of a title, but all that comes to me is things about playing or baking agin so this time I will just leave it!

I have a couple of photos to show you of the cupcakes that I made for Christmas:

These were chocolate peppermint and I made the stars for the top of the tree out of fondant the day before, the funny thing was that on Christmas morning when I opened the lid of the cupcake holder all the stars had softened and gone limp!  So Christmas morning I was making them again - argh lesson learnt!
I also made some yummy's for some friends that came down from Christchurch and stayed in Timaru over the break here is what I took them:

From top left we have boysenberry cupcakes with a boysenberry surprise in the centre and a butter cream with boysenberry fruit pulp in it and a fresh organic boysenberry out of mums garden, then we have carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing, chocolate peppermint Christmas tree cupcakes with gnache, old fashioned cheesecakes(these are made with pastry and a cake top with raspberry jam surprise in the centre, Belgium biscuits (my fav!), cranberry and white chocolate biscuits and last but not least shortbread!  I had spent most of the day in the kitchen but it was worth it, and the LOVED all the home baking :-)
I have also been busy today in the kitchen, Abby and Jamie have wanted for AGES to make Nija Bread men, so here is Abby, she made the "Belgium biscuit mix" (cause we don't actually like ginger bread) :
and for our first attempt at flooding icing I though we did ok lol.

Also I have been making a few cards here is the one that I made (and have not finished the inside) of the whiff of joy wedding couple that I got the idea of Debby from A scrapjourney, thanks for the inspiration for this one - every time I think of the time it takes to cut all the pieces of these my thumb hurts lol
But they look great, so nearly one down (that I need done by Tuesday so I can give it away) and only 4 more images to use up lol!

Right that's it from me, hope you are all having a great weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping bye