Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing Cake

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks playing with trying to make a mountain bike cake.  WHAT a mission, the mountain bike I spent five nights putting together and in the end it broke and just had me beat!  So yesterday I made a make shift bike and ended up having to glue it to the side of the cake.
I made a three teared cake the bottom layer was chocolate with chocolate butter cream in layers, then carrot with cream cheese icing in layers and top was chocolate with gnache again in layers.
The cake ended up looking ok even though the day in the kitchen was a complete DISASTER!
My carrot cake broke in half (because i was impatient!) , the bike broke I honestly thought it was going to beat me, but in the end it looked ok!
Here is the picture of the man i was trying to copy:
 And here he is on his cake - not the best picture:

And here is the cake in full:

I have just had a txt to say it survived the car trip and i was most impressed, that it was still standing this morning lol.

Now I am off to do secret cake business again it will be a full on week and i will be able to share the card that I have made and hopefully the cake that will match the card!
Have a great week everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping on bye!



topkatnz said...

Well sounds like you certainly had a few trials getting this one together! but Rachel, it's gor-geous! so flipping cute! you continue to astound me with your awesomeness!!! I would never want to cut into it!LOL!

Bridgette said...

If I have a flop like this I would be proud.. the cake looks amazing and I bet it tastes great as your baking always does

Trace said...

It looks awesome Rachel! You might have had some challenges with it, but you'd never know that!

Bo said...

Wow that is AWESOME and you don't even get to eat it!!!!
The layers sound so tasty and then the amazing decorating all - the work that must go into that - Fantastic.
Can't wait to see the next one:)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Wow Rachel you certainly have been busy creating all the little embellishments on the mountain biking cake. It looks fantastic and the man figure is so cute. Your dramas remind me of some I saw on the Cake programmes on TV.

Looking forward to seeing the card and cake for your next creation. Good luck.

Askartelin itte said...

Wau, tämä on upea kakku:)

Janine said...

you know I would have been none the wiser about your disasters in the kitchen cos that ckae is impressive!!! I am in awe of what you create. Love love that cake and the attention to detail is freaking awesome.

Joanne F said...

I knew it would turn out fantastic and it did!!! Well done for perservering and not letting it beat you!!! It looks amazing. Keep up the good work, we have a wedding cake coming up lol.

mandyb said...

omg i think that look FANTASTIC
amazing and wowsa!!!!

cannot beleive you make these amazing cakes....

you are amazing!!!!!!!!

Mel said...