Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A new Challenge!

Dianne was lovely enough to take a photo at School of Jamie who as part of his Accounting class had to dress the part for his "role" in the company that their group had set up.  He was the CEO of the company and so had to dress like one.  He got his dads good pants on and jacket, used his school white shirt, a tie and his school shoes (although they needed a good clean!).  Put his power point presentation which was on his laptop into a brief case and he was good to go!
As usual in our house and school days - I was in such a rush I didn't get a photo - so Dianne thank you so much for thinking like a scrapbooker and getting me a photo - I was stoked when it came through.
Here is the photo of Jamie
So being that I am on holiday this week, I told Dianne that I would scrap it - I have challenged myself to get this scrapped - that's right scrap a page lol if I can remember how!
That being said I have made a couple of cards so will show you:

 This one I am entering in the southern girls Challenge - I remember playing t-sets with my friends and I also have a tea set for Jamie & Abby when they were young - so much fun pretending!

Well that's about it from me - see you back in a bit (probably a lot) with the layout done of Jamie

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Trace said...

Hmmm Rach, he doesn't look overley impressed at having his photo taken lol. Great cards buddy, they look fab.

Janine said...

lol at Trace's comment lol. So what is his group going to produce??? He looks rather smart. Have fun scrapping that photo.Cute cards Rachel.

topkatnz said...

Hey, best of luck getting that page scrapped. Super impressive to scrap such a recent photo too! Loving those cards:)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Gorgeous Cards Rachel. Good luck with SGC entry. I look fwd to seeing handsome Jamie scrapped. He didn't resist the photo - he just had the serious business look on lol and was just a bit surprised that I would go around with the camera in my bag.

mandyb said...

those cards are so pretty!!!
you are so clever!!!

Karen Howard said...

Wow, these are fabulous! Love the design and embellishments! Hugs, Karen

P.S. If you have time to stop by, I'm giving away some blog candy!