Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tomorrow is December!

OMG I know I say this all the time but where is the year going?

I can't beleive that it is just over 12 months since I sold Embellish It to Tania, it seems in some ways like it was yesterday and in others it feels like a distant dream.  I often get asked if I miss it, and sometimes I think I do but most of the time I am happy to be where I am today.  I have a lovey job with great people to work with and get to spend more time with the family - although they will tell you that I don't.

I have spent the last 12 weeks competing in a 12 week challenge over at our local gym.  It was fantastic and the kick up the backside that I needed!  I am happy to tell you that it is all over (just in time for Christmas) and I won second place in the competition and got a three month gym membership, which I will start in Janurary.  I was the biggest looser of our group loosing 9kg in the 12 weeks which I was really happy about.
My fitness improved also which was amazing as I was pretty fit going into this, running 10kms Saturday and Sunday, playing basketball, and touch rugby - ok so maybe my family might be right but I am sure they get to see more of me!

I also started a new hobby - cake decorating and have joined our local guild.  This is my very first attempt at decorating a fruit cake, this is the one that I did a class to learn to cover and I looked at lots of tutorials on u tube and made these little characters for the cake.  This one is Mum's Christmas cake.
I learnt a lot from doing this, number one - don't be so impatient!  There are cracks in the bow because I wanted to finish it right then and there, when I should have waited overnight.  But I will wait next time, promise lol well maybe!
This one I have finished tonight and made for my boss - he is hard done by and only gets to cut his christmas cake on Christmas day, so I made one he can cut tomorrow on the 1st of December, lucky my mum is so good at making them, this is just a little 6 inch cake.  But this time i was game enough to use my hand writing to write on the cake!

And a wee close up, cause see the snowflake just like scrapbooking they have eidable glitter - gosh I LOVE this stuff!  Glitter is my new best friend lol.
I have also been doing a little card making but it is not finished so that will have to come in the next post - maybe if I can pull myself away from this cake decorating. 
Tomorrow night the guild met and we get to make something else, maybe Santa or a christmas fairy - wonder what it will be?
What are your traditions about when you can eat your christmas cake?
Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping bye!


Today for Tomorrow said...

Hi Rachel, Loving your new hobby. The cakes are fantastic, gorgeous, stunning and you are so talented. Lucky recipients. ...and well done on your fitness/weight loss achievement - great result.

Bronwyn said...

Hehehe from one hobby straight to the next. Super cute cake not sure how anybody could cut into that though far to cute.

Askartelin itte said...

Todella kauniit kakut :)

Janine said...

whooo hooo thats awesome news on the fitness front, well done on second place your'e awesome!!

Love the cakes, beautiful jobs, Funny how you see imperfections I only see beautiful work. Love the glitter what person doesn't lol.

Hannah said...

Well done on the 9kg weight loss and improved fitness - that is awesome!! Congrats!!

The cakes are beautiful. Like Janine, I don't see any imperfections, I think they are just stunning. Great job!

mandyb said...

well done on the weightloss!!! xxx
and thanks for the goodies in the mail!!! cant wait to eat my yummies!!!

as for those cakes....mmmmmmmmm looks good to me!!!!

Mel said...

Awesome news on the fitness/health front. I am a work in progress. Role on 2012...