Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been Playing - Photo Heavy

Finally i got around to take a few photos tonight just before we started loosing the light.

But first you have to suffer the not so great photos that I had previously taken.

First up is the 21st cake that I did for my cousin's daughter and her friend, they wanted exactly the same as what i had done for their friend but in purple and silver, i personally don't like the colour but they were so very happy with it:

and so i also made her a card to match in those colours also, the photo does not do this justice really:
This was made with a Lilly of the valley stamp that the lovely Jo got me as a Christmas pressie - thanks Jo she is so cute!  Also i used digi papers something that i have found i LOVE to do when making cards as now you never run out of a paper!
So being on a run I made a couple of others over my holiday here are a few pictures:

And at the weekend I had a play with Jo's pens that are a bit like copic markers (am to lazy to go and google them) and coloured in heaps on the sames image as i have paper tole them - but MAN my fingers hurt from all the cutting of the images and my neck is still stiff!
So hence I have not done anything with them apart from put them together and now i have five sets to make into cards lol.  So once I have that done I will show you.

I am hoping to be able to sell some of the cards that I make as I have quite a stash now and don't need that many cards, so if anyone is interested in purchasing any please let me know I am asking $15.00 for a card as they have many flowers,charms, ribbon or bling on them and take many hours to make :-)

Righto that's it for me for tonight, have a happy week everyone and thanks so much for stopping bye


Askartelin itte said...

Voi, mikä ihana kaunis kakku. Aivan ihastuttavat kortit, niin kauniita:)

Today for Tomorrow said...

Wow Rachel - you have been busy. A lovely purple theme coming through even on the cards. The insides are just as stunning as the outsides. The cards are very reasonably priced. Bet the girls were thrilled with their cake. Catch up soon.

Bridgette said...

cake and cards look great. You are a very cleaver person. Wish I could bake.

Janine said...

That cake looks amazing, I even like the colour :-) The cards are beautiful, lots of detail.

Trace said...

Such a clever lady - gorgeous cards and stunning cake.

Joanne Flannery said...

Well its about time we got to see your creations, you give me such a hard time about blogging and I thought you had forgotten how yourself :)
The cake looks gorgeous and sooo yummy, I can feel the weight going on as I look at the pics :)
Your cards are very lovely too, can't wait to see the wedding ones made up!!!! So get moving!!!! :)

mandyb said...

LOVE that purple cake~!!!

and those cards are so so cool!!
you are very clever!!

debby4000 said...

WOW amazing cake and stunning cards.

topkatnz said...

Wow your cards are so gorgeous - but I just love that purple cake at the top!yum!