Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter :-)

I hope you are all having a fantastic break and are enjoying the fantastic weather out there.
I went for a run today just after 10am and could not believe that it was 21 degrees already - hence my 10km run ended up being a 6km one - far to hot for me!  Yesterday I had run hard trying to run my hubby down lol.  Nigel left 15 minutes after me, I did the 10km circuit and he did a 7km one that had us on the same roads, I was pretty happy with my time of just under 55 mins when I had several BIG hills, for those who live in Timaru I included Mountainview Road and Selwyn Street then the slow incline up Pages Road, so 55 mins I was happy with.  On the last leg back down our road I could see Nigel in front of me but my legs just could not speed up fast enough to run him down. So today my legs were screaming at me with the heat and the fact I had made them work hard for me the day before so my run was cut short, but I did also go for a 5km walk later in the day so I made up for the shortcut lol.

I have been busy this weekend and here are a couple of the things that I have been making, the above are creme egg cup cakes :-)  The icing is one that Bo - you would love it is a mixture of cream cheese icing and one made with golden syrup tasted similar to the cream egg filling.

These Easter eggs have Moro, Pinky's and M&M's inside them, the kids loved them, it has been a few years since I made them easter eggs and it was fun playing again!

This is a card that I have made for Mum, one of our family friend who I call Nana Lotti is turning 100 next weekend, and as you could imagine trying to buy a card is hard - they just don't seem to stock them - I am guessing they are not big sellers!  So I made one for mum as she is attending the 100th birthday party.
I hope nana lottie likes her card and has a fantastic birthday.

Well that's it for me - hoping to have a day playing tomorrow probably with icing as I brought some tutorials online and can't wait to have a bit of a play.

Have a great day tomorrow and if you are travelling home - be safe :-)

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mandyb said...

you run
make YUMMO cupcakes
ANDDDDD easter eggs!!!
you are a machine

love the card for Nana Lotti...
love it

you are so so clever!!!

topkatnz said...

Wow, sounds like some awesome running there : it has been hot these past few days for running for sure! Those cupcakes look soooooo yummy!

mandyb said...

look what i just found for you.... cupcake sprinkles going wild!!!

Bronwyn said...

Wow they look divine bet they taste awesome:)
You card is lovely think I need a time management course with you - you fit so much into a day!

Sonya said...

Yum yum yum tho those wonder your running Id have to be running as well after Id eaten all those goodies!! LOL Love your gorgeous card.

Today for Tomorrow said...

Yes Rachel - I don't know how you fit everything in. Cupcakes and eggs look delicious.

It certainly looked like Lottie was enjoying her card when she featured in The 'Timaru Herald' yesterday.