Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cake & Card

I seem to always be busy but I guess that is how I like it!
But it is also nice to get a day like today when I have not done a lot either, the weather has just turned nasty so the best place is inside keeping nice and warm.

First up is a cake that I made for a family friend, this time I had a go at making a spray with some flowers so after I had made the basic flowers here is what I started with:
These are meant to be 5 minute roses - ROFL mine did not take 5 min!
Then again a big thank you goes out to Faye for showing me how to put these together to make this:

I then got out my card making stuff and copied a card layout that I have done before but for someone that is a bit older it just works, so this is what i delivered when I took the cake to Christchurch to be delivered!

I was very happy with the outcome, although you can't tell from these pictures but I didn't do a very good job at covering the cake this time - another lesson learnt.  See making cakes for family and friends is a good way to start learning!
I went to Christchurch to do a Bride and Groom icing class - this was FANTASTIC and I loved it!  There is always one in a class that does your head in though isn't there - one that wants the opposite to everyone else and holds everything up lol but it was a great day out and I am going to do another class again with them in the future - but more on that tomorrow!
Thanks so much for stopping bye - I hope you are all having a great weekend and are staying warm and safe.

Take care


mandyb said...

well i think you are very clever....that cake and card are just stunning!!!

topkatnz said...

Well your cake looks pretty darn perfect to me:) really pretty. Glad you enjoyed your class despite the disruptive person!lol ahhh, she probably thought you all were a pain!heehee...

Today for Tomorrow said...

The cake looks fantastic Rachel - looks perfect to me. And making all those icing flowers I imagine took lots of patience. Perhaps you could transfer your skills and help us make some for scrapping with Martha Stewart moulding clay. The recipient would have been thrilled with the cake and card.

Sandy Ang said...

Both the cake and the card looks amazing