Saturday, July 07, 2012


This weekend I had my very first order for a cake from a client, I have done a couple of cakes as you know but they have pretty much been for friends or family.  So that made this one pretty nerve racking!
I had taken Friday off as we were meant to take Jamie to Canterbury University for a look but I didn't realise the dates were the same for this cake.  Nigel took Jamie and I was ever so pleased I didn't go as there was a 4.9 aftershock while they were up there and I would not have been a happy camper!
So I spent yesterday making the chocolate cakes - all 7 recipes of them, that is the problem when you need the cake to be the same size and you only have one tin!  But by the time the boys got home from Christchurch I had this done:
The top picture is the rice bubble and marshmallows mixed and shaped to make R2D2's legs!
Then today I was up at 7am ready to go and it took me until 2.30pm non stop to get the finished article done, but I have to say I was pretty happy with how it turned out - and I forgot that I had not had breakfast or lunch lol:
Now I have cleaned up the kitchen - I can get in the scrap room and have a play as I have a new Nestability and a couple of new images that need to be played with!

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping in, as always it is much appreciated.




cameracrazychick said...

Fabulous work Rach, just awesome :) How on earth did you manage to forget to EAT?!

mandyb said...

oh my goodness that cake is amazing!!!
i love it
clever you!!!

Janine said...

that is one impressive cake, I bet everyone is going to ooh and ahh over that masterpiece!! Fab job and another cake to add to your portfolio.

Trace said...

The cake looks fantastic Rachel.

Zalene Kane said...

congrats rachel thats fantastic! you should be very proud!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Amazing - You did a wonderful job of the R2D2 cake. ?? 7 cakes!!!! WOW. Can understand how you forgot to eat when you were totally focused on the cake. Lucky you had a day off too I'd say.