Sunday, January 16, 2011


Finally today I managed to sit inside to try to get away from the heat and made a card!

I did make one for Jamie's 15th birthday.  Here are some pictures of Jamie's room - they actually don't do the room justice it looks way better in real life lol

I made the card from his wallpaper and a dusty attic clock.  He thought it was pretty cool so mission complete!
Here are some photos of Abby's bedroom - we still have to carpet the house but until we are finished with renovations it won't happen!

Both of the kids wanted their wardrobes so that they could have a desk, Jamie wanted a space to house his TV and play station (that he brought with his paper run money) and Abby wanted to put her stereo in and then be able to put her guitar's in the wardrobe - AND we still have to find room to put her drums back in her room somewhere!
I have enjoyed a very lazy weekend - yesterday we went to a BBQ for Jo Flannery's birthday - happy birthday Jo for today!!!!!  :-)
And today apart from a Nana nap (because I HATE this heat and just want to sleep when it is this hot) I made this from scratch

I have been invited to a baby shower - so also want to have a go at making one of those nappy cakes so stay posted and hopefully I will be able to post a picture of the finished cake that will go with this card
Tomorrow is back to work for me - lucky Nigel is on holiday although i think if the weather is nice he will be painting the outside of the house.
Tomorrow also marks the start of basketball and touch rugby again (and boy do I need it!) after the Christmas break so for me it's back to routine again :-)

Catch you all again soon



Askartelin itte said...

Hei. Teillä on ihana kaunis koti <3

Green Thistle said...

that is one helluva big tv! nice cards. :-)

Sonya said...

Love your house photos, stunning colours! Awesome cards as well, how clever you are making one from the wallpaper!!

Mel said...

Those rooms look gorgeous!