Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch our hearts and thoughts are with you.

As you will all be aware on Tuesday there was another horrific earthquake in Christchurch.
It is so hard to comprehend that we are only 2 hours away from all the devastation and our lives carry on as usual to a big degree.
I was so thank full that I had decided to come home for lunch on Tuesday as the kids were off school for the afternoon so I was here with them when the earthquake hit - before the ground had even stopped moving here, I was on the phone trying to contact my brothers in Christchurch and like many we had a few hours of worry until we were very fortunate to make contact with all our family and friends all very shaken but no one injured.
I spent the next 2 hours after the earthquake txting between my brother and his family as they could all txt me but not each other so it was a relief to be able to help even if in such a small way, it was about an hour before we found out that our 11 year old nephew was safe and i could hear the relief in my sister in law's txt when I let her know that my brother had managed to get to him as she was stuck in grid lock traffic only after her work mates managed to remove the filing cabinet that had fallen on her at her work place.

Two Timaru men lost their lives on Tuesday that we know of, and with SO SO many dead and missing it is just so heart wrenching.
We have all our nephews and nieces here now and friends coming down today to have a shower, do some washing and just generally receive some TLC from us!

Nic Howard linked to a web site showing photos from Christchurch - note some of these are graphic, but for me they paint a picture of the devastation not just in buildings and destruction but the personal loss and panic that Christchurch is feeling right now, all while they cope with big aftershocks.

My boss gathered a team together and today he heads off to Christchurch with his heavy machinery to help in any way that they can - apparently there are many business's from Timaru/Ashburton etc with heavy machinery that are heading up that way and all meeting in one place and then being sent out to the places by civil defence where they will be needed.  It is help like this from just everyday New Zealanders' that will help let Christchurch know that we are there for them!

Just know that we are thinking of you all and are willing to help in ANY way that we can.



Mel said...

So pleased your family is safe. Isn't it just an awful time?

topkatnz said...

Wow got a bit caught up in all those photos...and the Japan ones.