Sunday, February 06, 2011

Who turned up the heat?

Ok those that know me, know I hate the heat, but we are talking about 25-30 degrees not flippin 40!
Crikey this is NUTS where is the southerly?
Janine turned up at 9am this morning to run - run can you beleive that?  I must admit yesterday we ran the 8km block-  to day my aim was to make the corner (1.5km) but thankfully Janine decided it was to hot and we walked it after about running 200 meters!
As i sit here at 3.52pm the offical weater site says 38.9 - at home it reads 42!
Nigel and I went and lay on the floor in the bathroom as the tiles were the coldest place in the house - we even filled the cats bowl up with iced water and he laped it up!
Jamie decided the best place was in a cold bath with his togs on and the laptop blearing, I told him it was a scrapbooking moment!

So when he got out and I was talking to Jo - it was just too hot to resist and as he took the photo he told me it was definatly a scrapbooking moment!
Righto enough grumbling - I have had a busy week playing here are some photos of my efforts - all of these cards have started following someone else's card but usually ending up a little of my own - the one below was taken off this blog - she is a stunning designer and I love her work.
I really need a new camera as these photos are not the best but you get the idea!

Thats five cards in a week - go me lol!
OK time to head back to the cold bath!

Have a great week!


flanz said...

Hi ya, might have to fill our bath up with cold water yet, it seems to be getting hotter!! If thats possible.

Cards all look awesome, go you, another 5 cards this week????

cameracrazychick said...

What's with the time clock on your blog? Says you posted last night at 7.45pm??? Must've been today, surely?

mandyb said...

haha love those pics...we have had fog and light rain all weekend...warm but very murky!!!

btw think your blog clock is out of whack... its 6.12 pm now....

mandyb said...

and my comment says 9.12 pm!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Love those bath photos. e got in the paddling pool and ru hid under our bed! Still 32+ here.


Rachel F said...

Ok thanks Mandy and Becks - I think I have the time thing sorted - sill computer changed itself????

rumble said...

Awsome effort 5 cards in a week gorgeous they are too
It is summer ya know today was just reminding us of that - not sure about runing in it though but it was good to see the sun - although I guess I was in Christchurch where it was only 36 not 40 - lol
Love the cold bath idea definitely needs to be scrapped


Today for Tomorrow said...

Gorgeous Cards Rachel - you are rockin - 5 in a week. Never thought of hopping in the cold bath - well done Jamie ...and for getting the scrapping moment pic of your Mum too.

Green Thistle said...

The temp in our roof yesterday was 42 - not that I would be going up there - and at mum and dad's it was 51! At least it all got Timaru on the news for a good reason (usually its for bad stuff).
Love the cards. keep up the good work!