Monday, June 06, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

Monday already - gosh I honestly don't feel like I have had 3 days off!

I did however get two cards finished that I started on Tuesday and went shopping for a present for the new baby.
What are the manufactures thinking now days - or is it a sign that I am getting old?  But all the baby stuff is SO NOT cute.  Well not for the little boys it either had feet in the jump suit (which i don't like as one size does not fit all and the suit can get to tight for the baby before they actually out grow it in the body) or it make's them look to grown up.  I must be old fashioned but they are just little baby's for such a short time.
So after about three quarters of an hour later i settled on the one in the photo.  It was cute - but not really what i was looking for.  Bring back Peter Rabbit outfits!
Anyway here are the cards - I have done them like this before.  One charm has feet the other a pram.

The inside

I also have to have a whinge- Jamie needed to go to the doctor this weekend as he got kneed in the head on purpose playing Geraldine this weekend.  Even with ACC the fee is $45.00 for the weekend doctor. Now the doctor cut his ear open to let the blood out and advised us to come back today if it was still sore - which it was and very swollen.  Nigel read on the Internet that the procedure that he had also required antibiotics but none were given.
So back he went today and saw another doctor who said it didn't need to be cut open again but he should have been on antibiotics - and charged another $45.00!  $90.00 for something that a kid did on purpose and for what the doctor should have given him in the first place - ANNOYED!
Jamie is gutted as it may leave scar tissue (commonly known as cauliflower ears) who says boys don't care what they look like.
Right enough of my whinging!

Also to you all in Christchurch, yet again my thoughts are with you after the aftershock this morning, just when people are starting to relax a little!  It sure as heck gave my cat a fright this morning and made me get out of bed quick (I know what was i doing still in bed at 9.00am!) So my thoughts are with you all.

Have a safe week everyone, and thanks for stopping bye!


Today for Tomorrow said...

Poor Jamie. Hope the injury settles quickly. Lovely cards and a cute outfit. Also your new Madi Imaginations Link is very cute.

Bridgette said...

That is rugby for you. and that is Doctors for you. they are never on the same page. Your cards are looking fantastic as always

mandyb said...

oh no re the ear thing!!! how annoying about the cost and the missed anti-biotic!!!!

love the cards too

Janine said...

Love the orange and blue combo....cute cards.Ouch that's an expensive visit and even more so that it required a follow up for something that should have been given at the first visit.

Congrats Rachel you won my giveaway, can you email me on this comment with your address please and I will pop your prize in the post on Friday.

topkatnz said...

Wow! surely you shouldn't have had to pay a second time for their mistake! hope everything is on the mend now. I actually love all the mini-adult clothes for little ones about these days:)