Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catch up!

Wow the weeks just keep flying by!

Here are a few things that i have been up to lately.

Jayne, Callum and Piper came for tea a couple of weekends ago and so I decided to have a play and made chocolate cups and filled them with chocolate mousse.  The mousse recipe is Cadburys and it is very yummy.  I also piped swirls and put them on the cups. I made a flower for piper she was SO funny didn't want to eat the mousse but after watching Jayne eat some decided to give it a go, and with a nod of her head saying yeap not so bad she dug in!

So cute!  I remember those days with my own like it was yesterday!
Speaking of which - Abby turned 14 a couple of weeks ago too!  That's my baby!
I made her a cake which didn't photograph very well it looked so much better in real life and the girls all loved it so that's all that mattered but here is look at that:

It didn't quite turn out how I was expecting (the roses were a little big but were all made of chocolate) I was hoping to pipe on the swirls but have you tried to make black icing- and I didn't want to put so much colour in that it was not able to be eaten, I even started with Chocolate icing but alas it was not meant to be!
Jo and I have decided to put our hand to making some flowers and butterfly's out of flower paste - well the flowers are not photographed and to be honest look more like cabbages - well mine did lol.  But our butterfly's turned out ok here is a look at them:
ok so the one on the left i broke and you can see it stuck together with icing - but hey they looked pretty good as the paint (all eatable) is glittery and pretty!

And on the crafting front here is a card that I made with Wee Stamps new release she is called wee florist and SO cute:

Also I with the help of Jo I have made some invites for my aunty's surprise 70th coming up - these suckers took quite a lot of time to make - thanks so much Jo for all your help!

Well that's enough from me!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and if you are still with me have a great week.

Catch ya



Anonymous said...

Man Piper looks cute! And that mousse was to die for ... yum I could go some now. Thanks for a great night. Abby's cake looks awesome!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Wow - this certainly is a catch up - like 5 posts in one. Your creativity and versatility is amazing. Piper has grown up - quite a little lady and enjoying the dessert. Abby's cake cool too and the butterflies look beautiful.
Love the card and clever ladies making all those gorgeous invites - you have been busy - no wonder you haven't had time to blog. Have a great week.

Askartelin itte said...

Voi mitä herkkuja namm..Kaunis kortit myös :)

Janine said...

Wow you have been a busy bee. The cake you had for Abby's birthday was stunning.The cupcakes are so cute, love the butterflys.

Those invitations are stunning Rachel!

Trace said...

I cannot believe that Abby is fourteen! LOL on young Piper and the cake, aren't kids funny sometimes. Those butterflies are gorgeous, too pretty to eat :-)

mandyb said...

mmmmmmmmm those cakes and cupcakes!!!!! yum yum yum!!!

love those cards and invites too!!!! you are SO clever!!!

cameracrazychick said...

You've been a busy gal! Good job you :) Looks like you got yourself a 1M tip? Good huh! Will catch up with you at camp this weekend :)

Janie Printz said...

Yummmmmy sweetness !!! Oh my but you have been busy & that Wee card is just adorable along with everything else you made.
Hugs, Janie

creativchen said...

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