Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not such a great Weekend!

Not such a great weekend for me - think i might have just had my very first (and lets hope very last) migraine!
I headed out to Raincliff for the bi annual Embellish It Scrap camp but to be honest was not feeling that well on Friday.  I went to bed on Friday night with a headache and just didn't get rid of it until 9am this morning.
So I have spent today going from the couch to bed, back to the couch - getting some energy to do something and after 5 min back to the couch - so not exactually the weekend I was hoping for (Nigel brought me home on Saturday afternoon) but here is hoping that it is onward and upward!
On the up side Nigel did all the cooking, groceries etc today while I watched from the couch lol.

I have some more crafty stuff to show you though - last week was my mum's birthday so when I saw this image from Mo Manning, I just had to get it as mum LOVES giraffe's:

Then the next day it was Anne's birthday so Bo made the card and I made the box and the cupcake and along with a nice bag of coffee we sent this up to Anne :-)  She Loves Elephants - could you guess?
 Stunning job on the card Bo - sorry the photo is not that great - but we can take it out of the photo below so you will have it on "file"   ;-)

Complete with an icing elephant on the top~!
And while I was making the cupcakes I decided to have a bit of a practise run on a cake, I have to make one for a girls 21st in September and one for the "surprise 70th" for my auntie!  This was just a test run - happy enough with the roses but got to get the cake a bit more down to pat!
I used edible glitter on the roses which looked quite good!  The family enjoyed the cake and loved the practise run - more than happy for me to give it another go - they didn't quite think that I had it right!
It is a yummy chocolate cake with mock cream in the middle just to break up the height of the cake.
The icing was one of Wilton's recipes with Meringue powder, vegetable shortening, vanilla and icing sugar - it was quite nice - when you bite into it is very soft on the inside but still holds it's form on the cake nicely :-)
Jo and I brought some Meringue powder in from overseas as it is $29.00 at Ballentynes.  Have a couple of containers left and selling for $16.50 if anyone wants to try it?

Right that's it from me nearly all caught up now (that's what happens when you spend a creative weekend sleeping instead!).

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week!



mandyb said...

oh no!!! sorry to hear you havent been feeling well!!!
as a fellow giraffe fan i LOVE that card!!!

so tell me do you print the image out onto cardstock??

topkatnz said...

I'm just loving the look of all these rose cakes around - so gorgeous! sorry to hear that your weekend was a wash-out - how disappointing! hope the migraine doesn't come back any time soon. Fabulous creativity on the cards:)

Bo said...

Glad you are starting to feel better
Camp wasn't the same without you!
Cake looks awesome - YUM

Janine said...

Bumma about being unwell and as someone who has migraines from time to time I know how horrible it can be. That cake looks stunning and biy I wanted to pop my finger in those roses and lick it lol. Gorgeous cards Rachel.

Today for Tomorrow said...

Good to hear you have recovered. Your cakes and cards are amazing. So were the ones you managed to do at Raincliff. Have a good week. Take care.

Today for Tomorrow said...
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