Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barefoot and bakng!

Time flys - i seem to be saying that with every post but seriously it just whizzes by!

I have made another card using the cute digi image from wee stamps and the amazing Sylvia Zet
I just love her digi's they are so cute and so darn easy to buy!

I have also finally finished a card that i started at Raincliff for my Aunty's birthday:
I didn't take a photo of the one that I did for Aunty Cicley (camp auntie for those of you that remember her from camp) but here is the cake that I made for her "surprise birthday" and it was a surprise she didn't stop shaking for nearly an hour bless her:
Then on Wednesday this week, Jo and I went to a class to learn to cover cakes properly so it would look like a pro here is Jo with her cake = that she brought from Copland's the wee cheat!
I really enjoyed the class - it was just Jo, myself and the instructor nice and easy going.

Today I have been up since 6.00 am making 3 dozen of these
Bronwyn's favourite Cinnamon oysters - yummy and I didn't even eat one .................yet lol.
These are for my first "sale" I was asked to make a cake for a 21st and also the Cinnamon oysters, so Jo's lovely husband made me a stand as I had an idea in my head what i wanted to do and good ole dad painted it for me.
One three layered chocolate cake with chocolate gnache in between the layers and covering the cake, and a fantastic moist recipe for chocolate cupcakes with either a square of peppermint or caramel chocolate in the middle and 40 handmade painted butterfly's and a 21 on wire - 7 hours or more of work baking last night and today and this was the end result:
while I was letting my fingers do the walking I found these cool chocolate moulds for cupcakes and while I ended up not using them as they didn't colour up all that well they are such a cool idea and I will look a little further into the colouring of them and try again but how cool are they - they have a point on the end that stick's into the cupcake and leave the image sitting nicely on the top!

Don't mind the smudge of the pink icing - got too close to the butterfly's!

Now after all the baking and the early morning I have been for a 10k run so think I will go and have a well deserved Nana nap now!

have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for stopping bye!



Janine said...

Gorgeous cards Rach and doesn't that card and cake for your aunt look stunning. Love the colour.

Wow the 21st cake and cupcakes look fabbo!! Yummmmy I bet the birthday girl will love them. Looks fantastic.

Go you on the 10km run. I did an undercoat in our pantry today and vacummed the house and cleaned the guest bathroom and general household cleaning. I am looking forward to relaxing tonight and watching the rugby.

Today for Tomorrow said...

WOW Rachel you have been busy. No wonder you haven't had time to blog. The 21st cake is amazing and you would have to be the best cinnamon oyster maker I know. Love the cards too. The orange on Aunt C's cake looks fantastic. Looking fwd to seeing yours and Jo's decorated Xmas cakes.
...and a 10k run....whew - no wonder you need a nn.

Embellish It said...

Aaaaahhhhhhh Cinnamon oysters..... I too absolutely love them. Such a strong memory of them from my childhood and when you had them at camp last August all the memories came flooding back. I wonder if my Mum still knows how to make them .......

Trace said...

Wowser Rach, you are such a talented lady - those cakes and cards are awesome. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved nana nap.

Joanne said...

wow very cute cards and baking! It all looks stunning (except for the photo of me!!! you could have missed that one out!!!)

Cake stand is very impressive wonder how I can get something like that made for me!!! :)

Sylvia Zet said...

Wow, what a busy and creative girl you are Rachel! :)Awesome!

topkatnz said...

Wow - a 10km run - well done you! I looove that orange cake! yum,yum,yum,yum...what sort of cake is it? Is your chocolate cupcake recipe gorgeous? Please send it to me:) How do you get your icing piled up 'high'?? I totally missed the cupcake 'trend' with my kids, but I have started making them cos I love them:)

topkatnz said...

...not that I eat them...(wink)...

Anonymous said...

Rach you have always made the BEST cinnamon oysters!!!!!!!
Steph F

mandyb said...

stunning just stunning!!!
you are so so clever!!!!