Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baking, Baking, Baking

It just seems to be my thing at the moment.  This weekend has been full on. On Friday I made a cake and cupcakes for a friends daughters 30th and iced it on Saturday morning - it was just a re creation of the one with the roses that I have done before but it was a last minute decision that i was able to make it and just easier to go with what you know lol. Saturday afternoon I made the cake for the 60th that I had to ice on Sunday morning ready for a 11am party!

I really want to try a Topsy turvy cake - and lucky for me I have my mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary coming up in May, Abby's 15th, and mums 70th in August so plenty of time to have a go.

Saturday night we had two functions - for two very unsocial people we hardly ever go out and then we have two in one night - lucky they were both on the bay so we just walked from one to the other!
We have a friend who is dying and he was throwing a party as he didn't think he will be here for his birthday in June - as it was he was very lucky to make it to the party and is to go straight back to hospital once it was over.What a fantastic evening, the drama legue put on a show and there was nibbles, everyone was dressed up in the Irish theme. A fantastic night and a very brave thing for him to do.

Then it was over to the St Patrick day celebrations at the bay hall where they had a Irish Band from Wellington playing. A few dances and loosing my voice for yelling over the music and we got into bed about 1.30am (after picking up the kids one from Nana's and one from a party)

Now the 60th cake for today - my brief was badminton racket, shuttle cock, a character, brandy and gnache!
WOW really?
Now I know the lady that is turning 60 and she is a real character and after a bit of stressing of how I was going to pull it all together, a couple of people suggested using a miniature bottle of brandy - stroke of genius I say.
Anyway this is what i ended up with - all icing so you can eat it all!
I had such a job piping the stars and the side of the cake does not look good from this angle but actually it didn't look that bad in real life.
I was happy enough with what was done, and Bobbi was stoked she thinks her sister will love it!
So all around - everyone was happy!

So it has been a VERY busy weekend for me and after two late nights and two early starts (up at 7am to do the icing)  after I have been for my run today - I think a little "nana nap" might just be called for. The house work can wait!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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mandyb said...

you part attending/cake making animal...i am exhausted just reading this post!!!!
busy time alright!!!

love the cake too

Today for Tomorrow said...

Sincere Grateful thanks to the cake whizz for creating a beautiful cake at short notice. It looked stunning and I hope the photo will do it justice as it was taken with a flash. Still in Dunners awaiting DH to collect me after work!!!

Janine said...

oh my Rachel that cake is beautiful. What an amazing job. Sounds like you were a social butterlfy, you remind me of a friend, who had three events on last weekend as well, and one was my arvo tea. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Sassy Scrapper said...

Oh how absolutely yummi-licious this looks. Sounds like you had a fun and festive weekend!
Have a wonderful week.
Your cakes and cupcakes are making me drool.
Hugs Bonnie