Saturday, March 24, 2012

La La-la la la!

WOW it has been SO hot here tonight - it is the summer that we thought we had lost!

Last night and this morning I have been helping Abby make her cake for her School Fairs, cake walk.
When I was making the character for the last cake Abby had a play and made a Smurf (hence the title as she has been singing that ALL morning). So when school needed a cake we decided to use her icing smurf and make a smurf mushroom house:  Here is how it turned out:

I thought we did a good job, and the school ladies were impressed they decided that it looked to good for the "cake walk" so they did it up in cellophane (thanks Tracey) and they are going to put it in the Auction instead!
It is actually 2 chocolate cakes (well with some left over after we carved it!)
Abby did so well learning to pipe and coming up with some great ideas on how to assemble the cake - it was harder than it looked!

Also this is a box I made a few weeks ago that I made for one of my mum's friends. Jennifer has been so kind to me. I brought an expensive duvet cover from Harvey Norman about 3-4 years ago and refused to put it on my bed until our bedroom was done (just over a year ago) now this beautiful bedspread is satin and it keeps on falling apart (and I paid GOOD money just under $300-00) but because i had it in storage for so long meant i could not take it back and complain. So Mrs T as i call her, keeps sewing it up for me - it has been back like about 5 times and that won't be the last! So I made this box and filled it with my home made cards for all occasions and told her when it gets empty just bring the box back and I will fill it again!  Here is the box:
Again I was quite happy how this turned out as it was an Rachel original!

Well that's it from me, hopefully you are all having a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!



Askartelin itte said...

Hieno smurffi talo ja rasia:) Hyvää viikonloppua.

Trace said...

Very cute cake! Too cute to eat;-)

Shame about your duvet...

Janine said...

Great cake rachel and I can see why it is going in the auction. Lucky people winning that. What a great Thank You idea and gift....I bet it is well appreciated. Grrrrr at the quality of the duvet cover more so because of the price you paid too.

Anonymous said...

Cool cake, well done to Abby!!! Shame about the rain yesterday for their school fair.

The box looks awesome too!!!

Catch ya

Joanne Flannery said...

oops that above comment from from me :)

topkatnz said...

Very cool smurf cake:) I agree that the weather has turned back towards summer lately - nice aye?!

mandyb said...

love that cool!!!!

love the card too

Today for Tomorrow said...

The cake is too cute. Go Abby!!! I agree 'too good for the cake walk' Hope they managed to get lots at auction even if the weather let them down.
What a great idea with the never ending card box.

Sassy Scrapper said...

OMG That cake is so stinking CUTE!!! What a fantastic job and I bet it was totally yummy.
Your box is beautiful, Tilda looks so sweet and I love your flower cluster.
Hugs Bonnie

Bo said...

Great job on the cake Abby it is way cute - awesome smurf too!!!
Your box of cards is an awesome idea - way to go :)

Aunty Lisa said...

I can see Abby now on The Food Channel teaching us all her cake decorating skills. Move over Nigella, theres a new gal in town!!

Rach83 said...

Wow what a great cake, Rachel. Well done to Abby too. No wonder the ladies couldn't bear to eat it. I bet it fetched a pretty penny at the auction! I love your box too and a great thank you idea. Lovely flowers too.

Check out my latest blog post - there's a little surprise for you.

Rachel x

Elise said...

Oh my goodness, that cake is so cute! I remember watching the Smurfs when I was a little little girl! hahahah!!! I loved them! :) And your Tilda box is so beautiful! Love the lace too!