Monday, August 06, 2012

It's Missing something!

Hi there

This is the card I was talking about in my previous post:

I love this cupcake thief from Mo Manning, she is so cute and sneaky!  Nic came over a week or so ago and we put some bling in the corner top left and that defiantly helped.
Here is a picture of a cake that I did this weekend for friends that have just built a brand new home after having theirs destroyed in the February Earthquake, they have re built in Rangioria - hey Trace if you are reading, we went the back way to get there and I got all excited when I past the sign saying Swananoa!  I know where you live (well the area lol).
Anyway here is the cake it was a quick - ISH one lol:

The photos actually don't do this one justice, it looked sweet and was a copy of a cake that I found somewhere on the Internet!
This week I have Abby's 15th Birthday cake to do - this is a made up creation so it could be interesting, she is taking this cake to Karate camp as Abby heads to Raincliff on Friday (her birthday) for the weekend then next weekend we make another one for her slumber party and the following weekend I have to make mums 70th birthday cake so it is all in the kitchen for me over the next 3 weeks!

Right time to hit the shower and head to work!  Have a great week everyone :-)


Askartelin itte said...

Kaunis kortti ja kakku:)

Trace said...

Oh that was you I saw waving then ;-)))

Lovely cake you've made once again Rachel.

Today for Tomorrow said...

You are going to be busy Rachel!
Love the cake - especially the flags around the side - perfect for a housewarming.
The card is gorgeous - not sure that there is anything missing.
Happy Birthday Abby for Friday.

debby4000 said...

Absolutely gorgeous and love the cake too

mandyb said...

love the cake~!!

happy baking