Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Baby is 15!

I say it every birthday but seriously where did that 15 years go?

Abby turned 15 yesterday and was meant to be heading out to karate camp.  We had lots of chocolate cake in the freezer ready to make her topsy turvy cake (just because i wanted to have a go at one) and then next weekend for her birthday party we had a smaller cake planned.
Abby made her own invitations buy using distress ink and then burning them all to make them look old, she wanted a fantasy theme for her party here are the invites;

I took Friday afternoon off work to finish the cake but got waylaid helping dad fix the caravan roof - that aside i still would not have got it finished in time to take to camp - except Thursday night at 8.45pm and after the cake was actually put together Karate Camp was postponed.  So what to do with 7 chocolate cakes?
Abby phoned around her friends and lucky they could all make it this weekend for her party instead of next, so tonight we have 5 teenage girls for a sleep over!
Here are some photos of her cake:

 Here is the birthday girl cutting into her cake and a close up of the dragons head - I put the candle in his mouth so he could "breath fire" but it didn't really work lol.

This is a photo of her dress up with her friends:
I think they all look awesome although the costumes only lasted for a couple of hours then they went swimming and the "theme" of the night has been lost lol.

But the shreeching from up the front as they all do singstar is shocking lol.

My first attempt at a topsy turvy cake turned out OK for the theme but if it was meant to be a pretty cake the covering on it was shocking and I would be very nervous making one for someone else - scared in fact!

So tonight might not be one of much sleep for us with the girls ruling the house but they only turn 15 once!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and made the most of the sunshine today as looking at the weather forecast it is not going to last!

Have a good one :-)


Today for Tomorrow said...

WOW Rachel, Abby's cake is awesome and perfect for her theme party. What a huge amount of work/creativity in icing it too. What a shame the camp was postponed - all those people missing out on that fantastic cake. You could all be eating a bit of cake this weekend!. Happy Birthday Abby.
Hope you get a bit of sleep. Good Night.

Trace said...

WOWSER Rachel, that cake is amazing!

mandyb said...

that cake is AMAZING!!!
wowsa...good on ya!!!

hope she had the best time!!!

rumble said...

Amazing cake wow
Hope you all had a good night and got a bit of sleep
Cake for breakfast is it. - yum!!

topkatnz said...

So glad the birthday turned out in the end! The cake is fabulous! love the dragon - my daughter would be very envious!

Joanne F said...

Hi Rach
The cake looks fantastic, lucky Abby, belated Happy Birthday to Abby! I bet they are tired today!!!