Sunday, October 09, 2011

Playing in the Kitchen again!

What a weekend this one has been.  I was making cupcakes for Bo's daughters 13th birthday party and it was the biggest DISASTER I have ever had in the kitchen and to top it off hubby was in there taste testing and asking me what I did wrong and did I put all the ingredients in?  Then he thinks it needs more butter (there is NO way it needed more butter) please imagine someone who does not really bake much taste testing and making suggestions - I held my cool very well, whilst making faces at Natasha (the birthday girl!) so I put more flour in and tried to cook one again and bearing in mind this is a triple batch!  Nope still no good, so 4 mixtures later, two cakes of chocolate and I figure out that instead of putting in two thirds of a cup of sugar i was putting in one and two thirds.
Now to my defense I have been struggling with sleep for months and I even when to the doctors last week for some sleeping pills which didn't work, so my head has not been clear - so I will blame the lack of sleep!
But in the end we got there (this photo was taken off Tarsh face book page - thanks Tarsh)

I did however want to have a play with a Chocolate cake wrap (the love hearts around the cake) so I made this:
I had also brought a pen of sorts so I used that and make the butterfly's and the words out of coloured white chocolate.  I was a bit impatient (I know so not like me lol) and took the cake wrap off a bit early so the wrap was not as shiny as it should have been.  But with Chocolate gnache in between the layers all over the cake and then chocolate around it how wrong can it be lol.

Abby went to school dressed as a ninja - she just dressed in stuff we had had home but I thought she did a good job, will have to get back to scrappin and scrap this:
Well that's about it from me - go the mighty All Blacks for later tonight, and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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Bronwyn said...

You did a great job in the end they were a real hit.
Wow gorgeous cake don't know how ya do it!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Again you are so talented!!

Joanne said...

yum yum!!!! You could have cut into it when I was there :)

topkatnz said...

Bugger about the cupcake saga! the choccky cake looks gooorrrgeous!mmmmmmm...we've had a freaking shaky weekend-grrr!

Embellish It said...

That chocolate cake looks delicious!

Trace said...

Oh Rachel, that sucks not being able to sleep, and it's so hard to get back into a good sleeping pattern as the brain/body seems to think that you should be awake at that time - all the best on finding something that works for you.
The cupcakes and the big cake all look scrumptious!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Sorry to hear about the cupcake dramas - bet you won't make that mistake again though. The final cupcakes look great (Tarsh 13 tho - where has that time gone) Choc Cake looks superb and looking fwd to seeing a ninja layout. Well done Abby

Janine said...

well that cake looked stunning and as for the cup cakes they looked good too. I thought you kept your cool well given the helpful hints from dh lol, but hey it all turned out good in the end. I am in awe of your talent!!

Mrs Frizz said...

have to say that the cake looks like a real work of art ... very impressive.

And you must have the patience of a saint!