Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Week gone!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend?

Now before I start I would like to tell you a bit more about The Creative Cake Academy in the UK.  This was the last post where I made these:
I have been very fortunate to have Ann the wonderful lady from The Creative Cake Academy ask me if there was anything that they could do in there instructions to make it easier - and apart from the yes please - just hop on a plane and pop over answer, there were only a couple of little things that I suggested and Ann didn't think I was thick and popped them into the instructions.
And apart from getting all the instructions, detailed list of materials and wonderful links to U tube tutorials to help you, you also can e-mail them direct with any questions and trust me - they are super quick to get back to you with an answer.
I would highly recommend this as a way to not only make lovely cupcakes but a great way to learn extra skills.
And if you are a visual person (like me) there are some fantastic pictures and the u-tube tutorials that will help you through the workshop along with the great instructions!

Now my daughter saw some cookie monster cupcakes on the Internet and I left her to it and this is what she came up with:
 lol I think the swirl ones are because she got sick of piping the dots, but i thought she did really well.
I also made some cupcakes as a trial run - got a birthday party to make for, for this weekend, can't give them a new recipe if I haven't tried it!
Cookies and Cream cupcakes!  I got the recipe from Bakerella blog and have been wanting to try them for some time, now confession time - I missed out the milk from the batter but I think it just made it more like a chocolate cake and a little less "light" so the Oreo cookies that are in the bottom of the cupcake didn't rise to the surface when I cooked them like hers did - but hey they still tasted pretty good.
Here is a picture:

Janine and I ran the Lovelock memorial "fun" (yeah right!) 10km run on Saturday - now my prerequisite was it was not allowed to be hot, no wind and prefer no rain but I can run in the rain!  Poor Janine was not feeling well and at one stage i didn't think she was going to be able to continue but we did the run in 57 mins so I was pretty happy with that, and pleased to have it over as it was a warm strong nor-wester blowing and it was a hilly route!
Today I did part of the garden and boy do i hate gardening - man I need a Gardner, we also went for a walk and it was FAR to hot - here is where I was thank full we were not running in that heat today!

Well that's about it for me, hope you all had a great relaxing weekend and are ready to face the last week of term for all you teachers and kids out there.

Have a happy week and thanks for stopping bye.

Take care


mandyb said...

do you deliver??
I'll have one of EACH of those tasty treats..thanks

Bo said...

Yes she does - hehehe and they are super Yum
Not how you managed to fit everything into your day Rach
Gardening walking and baking!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

The Cookie Monster Cakes look great Abby. You have had a busy weekend Rachel.

Janine said...

well done on the 10km thats awesome. As for the cookie monster cupcakes they are so cute, loved the dot piping lol but I can see why Abby resorted to the swirls lol. Yum at those cookie and cream cupcakes.....gorgeous.

The Creative Cake Academy said...

Thanks for the great comments Rachel - love the Cookie Monster ones, your daughter is certainly well on the right track x

{Oh Sweet Escape} said...

those cookie monster ones are my fav! i'm gonna have to do that for my future kids one day.... just so cute!