Monday, October 31, 2011

Scrap room & Kitchen!

Hi there

Well finally I have made it into my scrap room, I have done a canvas for a friend who has helped me,he wouldn't accept any payment, so instead sent me his wedding picture to scrap.  Not that he has any idea what scrapping is!
The canvas is meant to be red and I might yet rip off the scrapping and paint it red as with the Distress inks I just couldn't get it to go red enough.  They live in Australia and trying to get a colour scheme or idea out of a bloke is really hard work!  I rang his mum in the end and decided on red but it really looks pink. Anyway here it is:
I just hope that they will like it?
Also I have been playing in the kitchen again, the family is complaining because I bake to much, I need to find a rest home that will let me at there ingredients and kitchen for a day and I could try all the recipe's that I want and hopefully get the "trying" things out of my system!
Here was a couple that I did last weekend, this is a Black Forest Brownie, you guessed it made with a cake of Black Forest chocolate, very rich but the kids loved it!

Then I wanted to make these lemon curd meringue cupcakes and they were YUMMY!
The kids and hubby didn't like them so I gave them away, but mum, dad and myself liked them very much!
And this weekend my new book "crabapple cupcake" arrived so i tried the Vanilla recipe with the chocolate fudge icing, i saw a technique on the Internet where you split your batter and colour it (i did chocolate) and then layer it in your cupcake - so what the heck, gave that i try and this was the result:

 The kids thought i was a genius lol - short lived by the way.  Their verdict on these was "ok" but we prefer the normal recipe!
So these are heading off to work and to mum and dad for the second opinion!
But am sure they will also head off in the lunch boxes as well!
Well that's it for me, nothing else to report!
Hope you all have a fantastic week and thanks so much for stopping bye :-)


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Today for Tomorrow said...

Rachel your canvas is stunning. They couldn't help but like it. I think the colours you have used go so well together. Fantastic photo too.

Now to the baking - yum yum alright - I can certainly vouch for the brownie and lemon cupcakes. Good idea trying them out to get the perfect recipe.

Have a great week.

Bronwyn said...

Canvas looks awesome
Wow to the baking it looks super YUM

mandyb said...

love that canvas....just stunning....looks red to me!! lol!!

as for the cupcake eating....honestly i will take over the role of taste testing if your family dont like them...they look YUMMO to me!!!!